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  • ContactContact:Tang Wenqing
  • Contact numberContact number:+86 029-38025101
  • Contact addressContact address:Building C2, West Yungu, Fengxi new town, Xixian New District, Shaanxi Province
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Xi'an Shichuang Shengke Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise in biomedicine. It is committed to providing all-round solutions for disease diagnosis, animal disease diagnosis and food safety testing to customers all over the world.
The company has two independent GMP production lines for diagnostic products (molecular and immunological). The company has established in-depth cooperation with Jiangnan University, Northwest University of agriculture and forestry science and technology, Northwest University of technology, Yangling Vocational and technical college, Shaanxi Normal University, Institute of specialty of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Lanzhou Veterinary Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and other scientific research institutes. Independently or jointly developed African swine fever, Brucella, avian influenza, melamine β There are more than 120 kinds of detection reagents such as lactam antibiotics, clenbuterol and aflatoxin, and more than 70 kinds of antigen and antibody. Adhering to the concept of "seeking truth from facts and innovation", we will realize the enterprise mission of "protecting human health".
The company has a subsidiary of Shenzhen Shichuang biology Co., Ltd., which is currently engaged in the technical research and development of colloidal gold series products.
The company has four business segments:
1. Food safety testing reagent;
Mel colloidal gold detection card β There are more than 120 kinds of products, such as lactam antibiotic detection reagent strip, clenbuterol colloidal gold detection card, AFI ELISA detection kit, fqns rapid detection reagent strip and so on.
2. In vitro diagnostic reagents for animal diseases;
ASF antibody detection ELISA kit, brucella antibody detection ELISA kit, avian influenza h7n9 antibody detection ELISA kit, classical swine fever antibody detection ELISA kit, type O foot-and-mouth disease antibody detection ELISA kit and other more than 70 products.
3. Establishment of food safety testing equipment and information platform.
The company mainly provides products and services to hospitals, third-party testing, livestock and poultry breeding enterprises, food processing enterprises, scientific research institutes and other customers.
4. Advisory services
Provide guidance to veterinary drug enterprises in China on veterinary drug GMP declaration, new veterinary drug registration, approval number approval, technology transfer and other projects.
Company landline: 029-38025101
Business Tel.: 17691023969
Company website: net
Company address: building C2, West Yungu, southwest corner of Kangding Road and Xingxian Road, Fengxi new town, Xixian new area, Shaanxi Province