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Office of the Security Commission of The State Council shall make arrangements for the prevention and control of safety risks of fishery vessels

release time:2021-09-03 Author:admin

On August 31, Ma Youxiang, vice Minister of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of the People's Republic of China, attended a video conference held by the Office of the Security Commission of The State Council on strengthening work safety law enforcement and water safety prevention and made a speech to make plans for the prevention and control of fishing vessel safety risks.

渔业船舶,渔业船舶安 全,渔业船舶安 全风险防控

Agricultural NongCunBu horse youxiang, points out that since this year, and local competent fishery fishery authorities at various levels shall earnestly implement the central party committee, the court decision deployment, security production concept of security development, strengthen the fishing boat fishing port security source management, actively respond to accidents, a great danger joint to carry out the "shang yu should be 2021" special operation, Positive results have been achieved by comprehensively strengthening risk prevention in fishery safety production.

渔业船舶,渔业船舶安 全,渔业船舶安 全风险防控

Ma youxiang stressed that the current fishing ban in the summer season is coming to an end, and the situation of preventing and controlling collisions between commercial fishing boats is still grim and complex. Fishery administration departments at all levels should adhere to the principle of putting people and life first, effectively solve the problems of insufficient attention in thinking and inadaptation in work, firmly build a double-base line of defense for fishery safety around the construction of "three lines and one system" for fishery safety, effectively open up the rescue lifeline, and firmly guard the follow-up guarantee line. Gradually build a set of fishery safety management system suitable for the new development stage.

Ma urged fishery authorities at all levels to keep the edge inward, carry out in-depth self-inspections and cross-checks to ensure that fishing boats "do not go to sea or operate when they are unsafe". It is necessary to strengthen cooperation and linkage between different departments to jointly crack down on violations of laws and regulations and ensure the safety of commercial fishing vessels with the special action of "Jointly Governing Business and Fishery 2021" as the starting point. It is necessary to strengthen investment guarantee, tilt more human, financial resources towards fishery safety production, and ensure that "vessels are controllable, ports are regulated and people are safe". It is necessary to strengthen the implementation of work, accelerate the reform of the management of fishing boats and fishing ports, focus on the pilot of the "plug-in AIS" and the cleaning and rectification of the AIS, and promote the overall management of fishery safety to a new level.