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Dairy Production Licensing Review Rules (draft for Comments) (2021) interpretation

release time:2021-08-23 Author:admin

On August 2, 2021, the State Administration for Market Regulation issued the Detailed Rules for the Examination of Dairy Production Licensing (Draft), soliciting comments until September 1, 2021. This is the second solicitation of opinions after the first solicitation in 2018. The draft for solicitation of opinions has great changes compared with the Detailed Rules for the Examination of Licensing Conditions for Enterprise Production of Dairy Products (2010 edition), with a number of new contents.

Chapter I General Provisions

In this draft, the category numbers of dairy products are divided from the 2010 version of 0501 into liquid milk (Category Number 0501), milk powder (Category number 0502) and other dairy products (Category number 0503). And, in order to adapt to the development of the dairy industry, ensure the new production license classification of scientific, accurate, can cover all product categories, liquid products added high-temperature sterilization milk; Whey powder was added to milk powder products, and colostrum powder was deleted from milk powder and adjusted to other dairy products. In other dairy products, the name of condensed milk will be changed to concentrated dairy products, which is consistent with the name of the national Standard concentrated dairy products of Food Safety under amendment. Meanwhile, featured dairy products will be added, including local featured dairy products, skim cow (sheep) colostrum powder, lactose and so on.

Chapter II Places of Production

The 2021 version of the draft for comments further clarified that the site selection and design of the factory should meet the requirements of the National Standard food Safety General Hygiene Code for Food Production (GB 14881).

Compared with the current 2010 version, the 2021 version of the draft for comments clearly divides the cleaning operation area, quasi-cleaning operation area, general operation area and partition requirements of various dairy products and products with different production processes in the form of tables. At the same time, the detailed requirements of cleaning operation area access and storage facilities are added, which are consistent with GB 14881 and GB 12693.

Chapter III Equipment and Facilities

The production equipment and facilities of various products are added and revised, and the requirements of water treatment facilities such as water supply facilities and drainage facilities, waste storage facilities, exhaust facilities and lighting facilities are added, which are consistent with the requirements of GB 14881 and GB 12693. At the same time, it should be noted that "enterprises must have the testing equipment and ability related to the melamine testing project, and shall not conduct entrusted testing." Requirements.

Chapter iv Equipment layout and process flow

The production process of the product was revised, and the key control points of the production process were added. At the same time, strict requirements of whole milk powder, skimmed milk powder, partially skimmed milk powder shall not be produced by dry process. At the same time, the newly added production enterprises should take control measures to manage and review the weighing of materials in the batching process, and urge enterprises to do a good job in product traceability.

Chapter V Personnel management

The requirements and job responsibilities of relevant professionals for enterprise production are detailed, and it is clear that the person in charge of the enterprise is the first person responsible for food safety. New job requirements, responsibilities and obligations of the person in charge of food safety. At the same time, enterprises are required to establish health management system for employees. The requirements for food safety related personnel in enterprises are raised, and enterprises are required to pay more attention to product safety.

Chapter VI Management System

Changes to the larger efforts, chapter 6 of the regulation of food security management system, including supplier audit system, raw material management system, working in the dairy produce clean dynamic standard control, cleaning and disinfection system, material transportation management system, product traceability system, factory inspection management system, food security accident treatment system, and details of the records management system. The management system of production enterprises has put forward higher requirements, and gradually eliminate some small enterprises with imperfect systems.

Chapter VII Qualification Inspection Report of trial-produced products

This chapter is a new chapter, which specifies in detail the inspection and requirements of products trial-produced by enterprises for the application of dairy production license, including the implementation standards and inspection items of each product category. At the same time, the sampling and inspection requirements of production license inspection in the original 2010 edition of the detailed rules were deleted.

Chapter VIII Supplementary Provisions and Annexes

The explanation right and implementation date of the rules were added, and the requirement that "dairy production enterprises should comply with the industrial policy of dairy industry" was deleted. Remind enterprises to pay attention to the release and implementation of the new rules.

Added annex: dairy production enterprise traceability information record list. As the body of the 2021 draft for comments has already mentioned the details of the standards to be implemented for various dairy products, the annex to the original production license rules: the list of standards to be implemented by dairy producers has been deleted. At the same time, the "Dairy production Inspection Items Table" has been updated, and the categories of products to be tested have been adjusted and added, and some testing methods have been updated.


From the current 2021 version of the draft for comments, content requirements change greatly, once released, it will have a great impact on relevant enterprises. Relevant dairy enterprises should make preparations in advance and establish a sound dairy production, inspection and recall system according to the requirements of the draft of 2021 detailed rules, GB 14881 and GB 12693.