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Yunnan has accelerated the construction of a harmless disposal system for sick and dead livestock and poultry

release time:2021-08-23 Author:admin

Recently, Yunnan Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and Yunnan Provincial Department of Finance jointly formulated and printed the Construction Plan of Harmless Treatment System for Sick and Dead Livestock and Poultry in Yunnan Province (2021-2025) (hereinafter referred to as the Plan), and proposed that efforts should be made to 2025. Major animal husbandry counties and areas with intensive cattle, sheep and poultry farming have basically established professional harmless processing farms, and all temporary storage stations for sick and dead livestock and poultry have been established.

"Planning" clear, to temporarily not qualifications focus on areas such as farms, fully equipped with free-pollution disposal facilities, and basic establishment, with emphasis on the pigs and other livestock and poultry, give attention to two or morethings covers breeding, slaughtering, management, transportation and so on each link, complete, efficient operation and death of livestock and poultry science disposal long-term mechanism, The basic realization of disease dead livestock and poultry without dead corner timely disposal, clean environmental protection, rational use.

"Planning" requirement, the governments at various levels of dead animals disposal subsidy funds safeguard, increase of dead livestock and poultry professional harmless treatment and collection system of fiscal support of form a complete set, encourages the "first built after the repair, replace subsidies with awards", and other key way support harmless treatment, transport and death of livestock and poultry collection system. Agricultural and rural departments should include harmless treatment facilities and equipment for diseased livestock and poultry into the scope of subsidies for purchasing agricultural machinery.

At the same time, it is also required that local governments can, according to the provisions of the integration of national pig transfer out of the big county reward funds, the whole county to promote the utilization of waste resources and other project funds, used to support the construction of harmless treatment of sick and dead livestock and poultry and supporting collection system.

In addition, yunnan will also report by establishing and perfecting the supervision mechanism, the death of livestock and poultry disposal system of regional regulatory contacts, set up a call report, smooth channel, abandoned, purchase, selling, illegal activities such as livestock and poultry slaughtering and processing died, for suspected of a crime is constituted, handed over to the public security organ in accordance with the law case investigation.