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Congratulations on the successful passing of quality, environment and occupational health certification!

release time:2021-04-28 Author:admin

The certification of the third system was successfully accepted in the middle of April 2021. The certification went through half a year from the preparation stage to the acceptance stage. The acceptance system includes quality, environment and occupational health management respectively. All departments of The Department carry out their work according to the system specifications, and constantly improve the requirements of the specifications based on the actual operation, thus improving the work efficiency and standardizing the enterprise management.


As a biotechnology enterprise, in line with the attitude of being responsible for products, customers and employees, always adhere to the concept of seeking truth from facts, innovation, strict procurement, research and development, quality inspection, sales and other links, has been highly praised and affirmed by customers. Although start-up enterprises have a lot of development space, but we still need to take every step in a down-to-earth way, and strive to lay a solid foundation for future development.

The smooth passing of the three systems is the inspection and recognition of our early work, but also the supervision and guidance of our later work. In the continuous perfection of the system specifications, the enterprise will develop in a better direction, and strive to achieve the original intention of the establishment of the enterprise -- escort for human health!